Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

They say music is food for the soul. Music is not only an income-generating activity but also a great source of entertainment. Music generates from various sources such as singing or via playing of instruments. Instrumental music is relaxing and nourishing to anyone listening. There are very many musical instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, drum set, among many more. Schools are incorporating musical instruments in the education system; this provides entertainment to the children, and equips them with the skillset on how to play.

One should consider certain factors before purchasing instruments such as the price, your music needs, and ease of play. Playing musical instruments is fun. One gets to express himself/herself through sound, making music with friends, and maybe even performing at local coffee shops or bars. Learning of musical instruments offers benefits to your mind, health, and overall well-being. The following are benefits that are as a result of playing a musical instrument:

Improved Brain Function

One of the best advantages of learning a musicalguitar set instrument is that playing an instrument increases one’s intelligence. Playing musical instruments can boost your IQ by improving creativity and retention functions in the brain. People with heightened mental functioning respond better to changing situations, and address new tasks more effectively. Heightened IQ is associated with various leadership and academic skills, allowing one to process and retain information faster and make better decisions. Musicians often pay close attention to details and can balance both the mental and emotional aspects of a situation.

Improved Concentration

Playing a musical instrument also enhances your concentration. When one is reading from a music sheet, players must pay close attention to each note on the page, as well as watch for changing key and time signatures, tempo markings, repeat signs, among many more. Musicians should remain actively engaged when playing an instrument, hence train their focus and concentration. Practicing proper attention when learning and playing a musical instrument can then transfer over into your everyday life, you will find yourself concentrating better in school or at work.

Improved Listening Skillsfancy harp

Playing a musical instrument needs excellent listening skill. Players must listen attentively to their instruments to make sure they stay in tune and produce good sound, as well as pay attention to the rest of the band to keep on the beat and in harmony with other instrument players. Learning how to pick out distinct notes and tones in music improves musicians listening and communication skills. Musicians can correctly connect sounds to meanings, and pick out words better in a noisy environment.


Tips on buying a drum kit for beginners

Buying a drum kit is a big step in your music journey. The whole process can be very overwhelming especially if you are a beginner. However, there are various factors that you need to consider when buying your drum kit to make the whole process simple. You need to learn about the different things to check like the drum hoops and other variables. A drum kit is a combination of many drums, and if you want to buy a whole set, you need to take your time. Buying your drum kit from a reputable supplier will prevent the need of getting inferior products. Always buy your drums set from a reputable dealer who has a proper understanding of the equipment.

Buying a drum kit

Type of kit

When buying a drum kit, we have a simple drum kit and also complex drum kit. For a simple drum kit, you can choose a two drum kit that is composed of the kick drum and the snare drum. However, if you want something complex, you can opt for the five pieces of drums. When you buy the whole set of five pieces, you will get the kick drum, snare drum, two rack toms and flow tom. It all depends on your current needs of the drums.

drum set

Floor space

Drum kits will take some space of your home, and it is important to have adequate storage. You don’t want a situation where you buy your drum kit and discover you don’t have space. Before buying your drum kit, make sure that you prepare a storage space. If you can’t find space to keep them, then electric drums are more preferable. Electric drums do not take much space because they are less bulky.

Know you music needs

Your music needs are important when choosing the type of drum kit that you want to buy. Different drums are capable of producing different sound effects. You need to discover the sound effect that you want before you think of buying any drums. For instance, when it comes to snare drums, they come in a different variety, and you need to determine the type of snare drums that you want for your music style.

blue drum set

Don’t compromise on quality

As a beginner, you might be tempted to buy a substandard drum kit because you think that it is for casual use. Even as a beginner, your main aim should be able to buy a drum kit that you can use even when you start playing professionally.


Purchasing A Semi-Hollow Guitar

Purchasing either a new or second-hand guitar is always an exciting prospect for not only new guitar players, but it is also exciting for seasoned pros as well. No experience matches the energy rush that an individual gets when they pick a new guitar for their collection. Or in some instance, it can be your first step to being a rock star.

Before making the final decision, you need to be aware of the various categories of semi-hollow guitar that are in the market today. It is known to all guitar enthusiasts that there are guitar manufacturers that are well known for producing high-quality guitars for example Gibson. But everyone also has their favorite.

Therefore, whether you are a beginner, or you are looking for a new instrument as a hobby, or you are a seasoned professional. Here are the tips that you are supposed to put into consideration when purchasing this type of guitar.

What type of buyer are you?

Are you an experienced guitarist or you are just beginning? In many instances, experienced guitarists have a good idea of what they intend to buy when they go shopping for a guitar. But no matter how much experience you have in this field, it human that any individual can be overwhelmed when they visit a guitar shop.


This is why it is advisable to devise a proper plan, on what type of hollow guitar that you specifically want to purchase. To achieve this, you have to make sure that you carry along a list of prices from other shops. Having an idea on the normal price puts you up in a better position than any other individual who walks in, to just buy a new instrument. You should also take precaution not to allow the salesperson to that shop to convince you otherwise, and you end up buying the type that you did not intend to buy.

Set your budget

In the case that you are a new player, it does not make any sense for you to buy a very expensive guitar when you don’t even know whether you will even be playing it shortly. Be sure to have a reasonable budget in mind, and you should take precaution not to allow the convincing sales people to talk you into buying an expensive instrument that you will not need.

Ask a lot of questions

When you want to make a guitar purchase, be sure to ask a lot of questions. To answer those queries is the main function of those sales people who are there. The more information you have, the better educated you become about the guitars you are considering to purchase. This will make it even simpler for you to make an informed decision.

red guitar


Another factor that you should put into consideration when choosing it is how it looks like. You should also consider the sound that it gives off. Hollow guitars are available in a wide variety of colors shapes and finishes.

The purchasing process should be fun to you, so you need not be intimidated by it. But you should remember to visit some shops before you make the final decision.


Studying The Different Music Instruments

Music nowadays is not only a subject but also a career. It can, therefore, enable you to put food on the table. Musicians are getting richer by performing live, and they can be invited to perform at weddings, and they get paid. Music teachers are not left out in this. Look at those who have learned on how to play various musical instruments; they are getting paid. The church today needs a pianist.

Musicians need people to play various instruments for them as they record their songs. How can one be involved in studying the different musical instruments?

Have the interest and feel the music

guitarLearning music cannot be forced you have to have an interest for you to know how to play musical instruments. We can say that musicians feel the music they sing. This is because, when they sing we can see the expressions on their faces and their bodies. At some point we have seen people play the piano with their eyes closed, this is because they can feel the sweetness of music. If you enjoy an instrument when someone else is playing it, then you should try to learn to play it yourself because it makes you feel great.

Try playing one instrument of your interest

Everyone enjoys a particular instrument. We cannot all love to play the piano. For instance, I would enjoy playing the violin; I do enjoy the drum too. I would wish to play the piano someday too. You cannot learn how to play all musical instruments at the same time. You must start from one instrument when you have perfected; you can learn another one. Imagine you have attended a music lesson and your teacher shows you all the instruments and explains to you how each one is played, am sure by the end of the lesson you will have forgotten. It is important to go one step at a time.

Moreover, you should take care of your instruments. Make sure that you protect them against damages. You can take a look at michael jackson bags and see how he protected his instruments.

Start from the basics

No one learns from the most complex to the simplest. In fact, almost all things are taught from the simplest to the complex ones. A good teacher must introduce her music students to the music lesson and start by stating the names of the instruments and then proceed. This will make the lesson more interesting to the students. When you have taught your students how to play the instruments, it is essential that you give them a lot of time to practice on their own. Learning from fellow students is very enjoyable and important.

Do a lot of practice

woman playing violin Music is a practical subject and for sure if you want to become perfect in the area there is no way you will avoid practicing. They say practice makes perfect. Create most of your time in a day and practice your instruments. You will be perfected in the area. Take your time to learn more. Use every opportunity you have to learn something new every day. That is the beauty of music. You can always create your own from the existing.


How to choose the best guitar for beginners


The best guitar for a beginner is the one that he or she finds fun and easy to play. The suitability of a guitar depends on the uniqueness of each. This is because such factors as body size and shape, finger thickness, height, posture, hand size; as well as musical tastes and physical environment come into play when it comes to selecting the best guitar for a beginner.

Choosing your first guitar to get started on your training can be a very daunting task. This is because of the availability of a wide variety of different types of guitars on the market. Guitars come in all types of shapes and sizes, and they also have different kinds of strings. They include acoustic guitars, acoustic-electrical guitars, as well as electric guitars, among others. For this reason, you should consider some of the following factors when choosing the best guitar for beginners.

Buy a guitar that is easy to play

song noteThe guitar that you choose to learn how to play with will significantly affect your chances of success. You need to ensure that you buy a good beginners guitar. Also, go for a guitar that you like the feel and look of. This will make you more attracted to your guitar, which can in return make a positive impact on your training.

Essentially, all guitars are not the same when it comes to shaping, size, playability, as well as sound. Always choose a guitar that is easy to play.

Buy a steel -stringed acoustic guitar

Most guitar experts agree that steel-stringed acoustic guitars are the best for beginners 95% of the times. Indeed, people who learn how to play the guitar on a steel-stringed acoustic guitar are known to have the best chances of success. First and foremost, you can make an acoustic guitar sound good than an electric one much more easily. This is very important for beginners because they find it easier to learn how to play. Also, an acoustic guitar produces a very consistent sound compared to an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar has only one tone.

The sound of an electric guitar has a lot of variables. These include volume and tone controls, amp tones and channels, on board effects, 3 to 5 pick-up positions, among others.

Mostly, these tone –altering elements create endless permutations once they interact with one another. Because of this, electric guitars are not suitable for beginners. They can be a recipe for disasters and even and demotivate the learner.

Prepare to spend more

head and musicEssentially, more expensive guitars are usually better to train with. On the other hand, cheap guitars are usually hard to play because they lack tuning stability as well as intonation. Also, they don’t usually sound very nice compared to expensive guitars. Learning to play the guitar also needs to be easy and fun. This can happen if you have a real guitar that makes learning exciting.

Don’t buy a second -hand guitar

A second-hand guitar might have so made defects that may not be very obvious to you as a beginner. You might end up with an awful experience with a used guitar, which can get you want to give up learning to play the guitar entirely.


These are some of the most important factors that you should always consider when choosing the best guitar for beginners.