They say music is food for the soul. Music is not only an income-generating activity but also a great source of entertainment. Music generates from various sources such as singing or via playing of instruments. Instrumental music is relaxing and nourishing to anyone listening. There are very many musical instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, drum set, among many more. Schools are incorporating musical instruments in the education system; this provides entertainment to the children, and equips them with the skillset on how to play.

One should consider certain factors before purchasing instruments such as the price, your music needs, and ease of play. Playing musical instruments is fun. One gets to express himself/herself through sound, making music with friends, and maybe even performing at local coffee shops or bars. Learning of musical instruments offers benefits to your mind, health, and overall well-being. The following are benefits that are as a result of playing a musical instrument:

Improved Brain Function

One of the best advantages of learning a musicalguitar set instrument is that playing an instrument increases one’s intelligence. Playing musical instruments can boost your IQ by improving creativity and retention functions in the brain. People with heightened mental functioning respond better to changing situations, and address new tasks more effectively. Heightened IQ is associated with various leadership and academic skills, allowing one to process and retain information faster and make better decisions. Musicians often pay close attention to details and can balance both the mental and emotional aspects of a situation.

Improved Concentration

Playing a musical instrument also enhances your concentration. When one is reading from a music sheet, players must pay close attention to each note on the page, as well as watch for changing key and time signatures, tempo markings, repeat signs, among many more. Musicians should remain actively engaged when playing an instrument, hence train their focus and concentration. Practicing proper attention when learning and playing a musical instrument can then transfer over into your everyday life, you will find yourself concentrating better in school or at work.

Improved Listening Skillsfancy harp

Playing a musical instrument needs excellent listening skill. Players must listen attentively to their instruments to make sure they stay in tune and produce good sound, as well as pay attention to the rest of the band to keep on the beat and in harmony with other instrument players. Learning how to pick out distinct notes and tones in music improves musicians listening and communication skills. Musicians can correctly connect sounds to meanings, and pick out words better in a noisy environment.

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