Well designed internet marketing videos generate long lasting profits in any organization. These videos also help in building a profitable traffic to the online website or store. The bad video tarnishes the reputation of your website and thus contributes to alienating the targeted audience.

You need to come up with a video which is attractive for people to watch. This means that you are required to have the essential skills and knowledge to create a good video. The following terms will help you in creating the best videos which will help in building traffic to your website.

Broadcast qualityyg0Azqz8yo

This involves meeting the set standards by the relevant broadcaster’s organizations. These bodies play a crucial role in determining the quality of the video and audio which is put on different websites and airwaves. It also ensures that quality cameras are used in the recording of audio and videos to ensure they are of high quality.

Dirty track

This is a low-quality video file which is recorded for the purpose of synching a better quality audio. It is therefore not used when delivering the final project. It can also be used for tracking your video in post-production.


The concept refers to the formal documents created in the initial stages when coming up with your script. In most cases, it is just an outline of what is expected. No format is followed when preparing the concept. The concept is the primary document of the video, and all the other important details emerge from it.

The 180-degree rule

It refers to the accepted standard among the technicians who are involved in the production of videos, film, and television sets. This involves keeping the camera angles on the imaginary line that runs through the set which is parallel to your backdrop. Discontinuity and confusion might arise in a video when this line is crossed. This means that all the camera’s angles should be kept on one side to ensure that they do not cross this line.

Frame rate

Frame rate refers to the number of video’s frames recorded per second. This is shown in the camera’s specifications. It is then followed by a letter p which designates progressive or a letter I for interlaced. An example of the typical frames rates is 24p, 60i, and 30p.


This refers to a small microphone which the same size as the pencil’s eraser. It very small such that it cannot be noticed on the camera. It is very useful in recording the people’s voice when they are speaking, acting, or during camera interviews.