We all know celebrities are role models in almost everything. About weight and healthy diet, your stars have always been in the front. If you were looking for great weight loss stories, you might have to read more about your celebrities. We thought you would want to read about the list of celebrities on a low-calorie ketogenic diet which according to experts is one of the best diet supplements today among celebs. It will take you by surprise, just keep reading…

1. Kim Kardashian

She may be the queen of drama, but Kim Kardashian has a story with weight loss and the keto diet. She shed 60 pounds at one time with a low-carb diet. And you can all see her body and shape thanks to the diet. If you did not know one of her secrets to an almost perfect body, now you do.

2. Megan Fox

I know you would not believe this, But Megan Fox has warmed up for a low-carb diet. She is one of the new entrants, and you can see her achievements already. The future can only get bright for this star.

3. Jack Osbourne

Do you remember how fat this guy was? He was really into the wrong diet and had weight to show for it (massive weight for that matter). But today you cannot tell if he used to be that thick in weight. He got into keto diet, and the results are visible. He looks slim and fits well in whatever he chooses to wear. A great accomplishment indeed.

4. Adriana Lima

You must know about this beautiful lady? You are right; she is in Victoria’s Secret fashion show. But what you do not know is that she is into a low-carb diet. She admitted to taking keto diet in readiness for the show. It seems it has worked well for her.

5. Lebron James

Do you remember in 2014 when James admitted to losing 25 pounds thanks to keto diet? Yes, he did and was happy about it. While it was some time back, I’m pretty sure he keeps up with the diet. It could explain his success on and off the field. Doesn’t he look great in shape? Now you know one of his secrets and you would get into it.

6. Alyssa Milano

You must remember, “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed” (even if you never watched them). They both have one thing in common: Alyssa Milano. We will not talk about her big screen success but her love with a low-carb diet. After getting her children, weight had become a problem. She turned to fewer carbs, and she lost 45 pounds.

7. Jessica Biel

Here is another beauty that has found comfort in a low-carb diet. She is doing so great that you cannot miss to notice it. Thanks to taking it slow on carbs, she is not only a beauty to behold but also has an admirable shape.

You did not know that celebs are on the keto diet, did you? They are since you need them to be role models on all fronts. Now that you know, they are equally into losing weight battles you should find it reasonable you give more to your weight loss.