Are you looking for the best team building activity? Look no further! Escape room games are the most superb and popular for team building appraisal. Escape room games are physical adventurous games where then the player(s) are locked in a room and exit or escape. The rule is that the player should escape after solving a series of puzzles or after having completed the mission.

The games have a setting of diverse imaginary locations like dungeons, space stations, police cells among others. The excitement and creativity brought about by escape room games are immeasurable. One should evaluate the qualities of the best escape room games to maximize achieving the intended purpose.

The best games should have the following qualities.

Attributes of the best escape room games

Adequate timing

hallTiming is vital to escape room games. Most of these games last for an average of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Anything less than this average is not significance. The player(s) need ample time to execute their ability. Furthermore, sufficient time is required for the player to be focused. However, an extended period in the game creates boredom and makes the player hungry and thirsty.

Standard group size

To give a chance of involvement to everyone in the team, the size of the group should be considered. Research has recommended that the average number of people in a group should be 4.5. This means that the maximum number of people should be 5 and the minimum 4. The puzzles are intense and require perfect thinking and deliberations. For few people, the puzzles might turn out to be difficult, and it might be impossible to finish within the specified time. However, if too many people are involved, the game becomes mind-numbing. There could be communications issues which might be as a result of everyone justifying his or her decisions.

The best escape room games should have a way of indicating the progress of the player. This can be by using techniques such as finding concealed doors to enter the subsequent stage. Furthermore, the game should incorporate multiple puzzles to be subsequently solved for the next stage to be opened. This makes the game more exciting and keeps the players optimistic. At the end of the game, there should be a reward to appreciate the overall experience in time management, energy, and unity.

Room for expansion or alterations

hall wayThe best escape room games should have a provision for expansion or adjustments. The ways to expand and grow the establishment over time should critically be considered. The rooms should allow guests to come back and play in the future. Furthermore, the game room should allow a change in the stages and procedures of the game. For example, the room with stage one can be changed to be the final stage with a few changes in puzzles. There can also be changes to make the game more involving. This can be attained by having teams can compete rather than having one racing against time.

Data collection

The track and accomplishments of the players should be collected and analyzed. This helps in evaluating the performance of the player. Time taken to complete the game might not be the only ranking factor. Data collection keeps the players on toes and will do the best to ensure perfect performance during the entire game.